We offer a tailor made service to small and medium sized businesses in the Galwat and Roscommon regions. The decision as to which method is appropriate to use is based upon an informed briefing where an analysis of the businesses recruitment preferred methods has been made and a detailed description of the job is discussed.

  • A complete HR Service tailored to meet the specific needs of each employer. This service can
    be provided on a once off basis or as an ongoing service to the employer.
  • We are familiar with all Employments Supports that are available to employers and can advise on
    which are best suited to the businesses specific needs.

We are committed to offering a personal and accessible service. Our clients and candidates choose to work with us because they want a personal approach.

Managed Services Offerings:

  • Monitoring & Reporting Services
  • Information on Government Employment Grants
  • Job Specification
  • Recruitment Processes
  • Candidate Screening and Selection
  • Background References Arranged
  • Exit Interviewing

Will enhance your organization by:

  • Evaluating and understanding your unique corporate culture; optimizing your team and presenting your dynamic brand to the marketplace
  • Utilizing behavioral methodologies and skills assessment tools that offer increased quality assurance
  • Insuring that your business is in compliance with employment legislation
  • This unique offering is completely flexible and customisable to meet the stated needs of each business at an affordable cost